Electric drum sets

Electronic Drum Set Accessories

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Compared to traditional acoustic drum sets, electronic sets have much more to offer. The additional capabilities means needing more accessories to achieve the best performance possible. Especially if your set is for professional use. To get the most out of your new drum set, these are some of the items you should consider purchasing to go along with your electric drums.



Drum monitors and amplifiers


If you’re looking to play without headphones, or to play with other musicians, an amplifier is a necessity. If you don’t have an embedded amplifier at your playing site, you will need to connect your set to your amplifier using an audio cable. Make sure you’re aware of the sound capabilities for your set when paired with a good amplifier. This will help ensure you get the best kit for your needs.


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These are not your ordinary headphones, but headphones that are designed for electric drumming. Some drum sets may come with headphones included, but others may not have them. To protect your hearing, especially with sets that can be very loud, ensure the volume stays at a reasonable level while you’re drumming.

Drum sticks

With an electronic drum set, you have the ability to use any type of drum stick, but there are some that are better than other. For a new drummer, start with a size 5A nylon tipped set of sticks. Wooden tips have the likelihood of splintering after a rough use and when this happens, you might just end up damaging your drum heads. Damaged heads can be costly and difficult to replace so if you are drumming with wooden sticks. Be sure to replace them at the first sign of splintering or wear. Choose sticks that achieve similar sounds from both hands with technique and consistency. A stick that can achieve that similar sound is properly balanced. There are many different sizes and weights of drum stick available to purchase so explore all of the options to find what will work best for you.

Drum throne

Also known as a drum stool, a drum throne will save you from lower back pain and discomfort while you play. Poor posture and ergonomics can cause discomfort while you play and that’s the last thing you want to be focused on. A stool will help encourage good posture so you can focus on your playing, not your pain. Drum thrones can be expensive, but your health is worth the cost. Look into different options for drum thrones so you can start saving up for the one that’s right for you. Getting a stool specifically designed for drumming is the only way to notice the improved effects on your posture. A traditional stool may seem the same, but you won’t benefit from the same positive effects. When you aren’t worried about your pain or posture, you can focus 100% of your energy into improving and creating with your drumming kit.

Kick pedal

Many sets include a kick pedal, but yours may not. Knowing what your set includes before purchasing is always important so you know what might need to be purchased separately. If your kit doesn’t include a kick pedal, you’ll need to purchase one. While purchasing you’ll have the option of a single or double kick pedal, so get familiar with both options and choose the best one for you.

If your kit doesn’t include one or more of these accessories, it’s time to start shopping. If you bought your kit for professional use then remember. The more tools you have the better your sound can be.