Electric drum sets

How to Choose the Best Drum Module

The drum module is the brain of an electric drum set. Knowing what type of module, you want and need before purchasing is very important. The drumming modules differ when it comes to sound types included, the number of the sounds, and the quality. Most will have special effects, percussion, drum, and instrument sounds. With all of these options, a customized studio is created and live mixes are done easily and distinctly.

The drum modules typically have preset electronic drum kits designed for specific music genres including rock, jazz, hip hop, and more. By a push of a button a new kit can be found for the desired genre effects to be achieved. Different drum modules make it possible for the drummer to create kits that are customized when selecting kicks, drums, cymbals, and even snares available within the module. Some premium modules even make it possible for drummers to download music online so you have sonic options that are endless. But what exactly matters when choosing a drum module?

The preset patterns

Considering that each electric drum set module comes with patterns that are preset, you need to know before making your choice which patterns are included. Usually the patterns are drum parts or bar patterns linked to specific drum kits or music styles. The patterns available can determine how possible it is for you to create drum parts that are customized and unique to your taste. You may also find modules with play-along tracks a good choice for your practice and enjoyment while at it.

The sounds

Your module will be as expensive as the quality and variety of sounds it comes with. Because of this, you cannot afford to ignore the sounds present. Drum modules that are high in quality will have all standard sounds that any drummer could need. They may also have other non-percussion instruments available and the ability to achieve dual effects among others. If you can edit your own sounds, then you know you have a good drum module.

Feel and sound

Fast trigger responses that are accurate is what every drummer looks for in a kit. The response of your module will determine how it sounds and feels. The more accurate it is, the better it will be at giving your playing technique the best outcome. Some modules can be tweaked in terms of sensitivity and velocity of response. This will allow you to get a playing experience that is as natural as possible. Others make it possible for you to adjust cymbals and individual drums in the set for the balanced mix you are looking for. Before purchasing a kit, be sure you know what the module is capable of. Finding the perfect module the first time will save you time and money in the long run.