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Kids Electronic Drum Set


If you’re a new parent and looking to buy a kids electronic drum set but don’t have the right knowledge, the process can seem a little overwhelming. Knowing what to look for, what brands to buy from, and what prices are reasonable is important before shopping. This is a guide to a few of the best kids’ electronic drums set you can purchase today.

Pyle Electronic MIDI Roll-up Drum Kit

This kit is one of the most compact kits on the market that still provides a good quality sound. Weighing less than 5 pounds with an easy storage design, you child can take this kit with them anywhere. It features 12 pre-selected demo sounds and 7 sound styles for your child to choose from. You can easily record music for easy playbacks or upload it to you PC or Mac. This pad manages to have a realistic sound even in the compact roll-up design.

Alesis DM Lite Electronic Drum Kit

alesisAlesis has been known to produce the most affordable and high-quality drum kits. This one is especially great for kids because it not only helps them learn the basics of drumming, but it also makes less noise than conventional acoustic drum sets. Your children can enjoy their new drums without giving you a headache.

Although this drum set is cheap when it comes to price, it really outshines many high-end electric drum sets in the market. The main features of the DM lite include 3 toms, a snare, 2 cymbals, hi-hat, and pre-assembled parts that make setting it up easy. The kit features preprogrammed sounds and songs for your child to practice with and improve their skills until it’s time for a better kit when they get older.

Alesis Compact Kit 4

This kit is another affordable option by Alesis. The Compact kit is easily moved from place to place and storage is a breeze. Although this compact is small, it holds 70 80 voices and 50 play-along songs. A built-in learning feature is included that instructs your child as they play to help improve their drumming skills. This drum kit is a great place to start if your kid is interested in electric drumming and you aren’t looking to purchase a full-size kit just yet.

Kids should be encouraged to explore their interests, especially in music! Electronic drum kits take the headaches out of drumming and add to the fun. With any of these three kits you and your child will both be getting the best of both worlds. If you’re looking to learn more about electric drum sets as a whole, check out our article telling you everything you need to know about electric drum sets.